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 Quilt Along 2008 Rules & Winners

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PostSubject: Quilt Along 2008 Rules & Winners   Thu Sep 04, 2008 1:01 pm

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Here are the "Official Rules" of the Quilt Along for 2008.

Rule #1 Have fun!
Rule #2 There are no official rules!
Rule # 3 Refer to rule #1

My thoughts on this Quilt Along:
I will announce the block...I picked "Stars" as a theme this year. All patterns and instructions can be downloaded from
All blocks are 12" finished. There will be 12 blocks (one each month till December 2008) and 4 Bonus blocks (one each quarter ie March, June, September, December)
There are no signups for this. There are no deadlines as such. You play when you want to. Post pictures as you finish your blocks...I think there is already an album set up for us.
Fabric choice is up to you.
The "twist"....the first person to finish the first block AND post the picture of it in the appropriate album...gets to pick the February block. The first person to finish the first 3 blocks AND post the pictures gets to pick the first quarter BONUS block. Keeping in mind the theme is "Stars" and it needs to come from Quilter's Cache.
The "catch" can only pick the block once during the year (or twice if there aren't enough participants). I will pick the block if the person who should be picking the block doesn't want to or can't for some reason. The Bonus Blocks will be chosen by the person who has the 3 blocks of the quarter finished AND posted. Again, you can only qualify for this once during the year.

January Block - Matha Washington Star (First block made and posted by QuilterMaryNel )
February Block - 54 40 or Fight (First block made and posted by Calico Chris...priveledge gifted to Golo to pick the block)
March Block - Twisting Star (First block made and posted by Bin4givn)
1st Bonus Block - Dolly Madison Star (First to post January, February, and March blocks - QuilterMaryNel)
April Block - Star (First block made and posted by Tlcquiltnut)
May Block - Memory (First block made and posted by Anita )
June Block - Morning Star 2 (First block made and posted by Insufferablebratt)
2nd Bonus Block - Card Basket (First to post April, May, and June blocks - Golo)
July Block - Margaret's Choice (First block made and posted by Calico Chris)
August Block-Rhode Island or Rising Star (First block made and posted by Linda2B)
September Block - Coronation (First block made and posted by Hummerlou)
3rd Bonus Block - Tippecanoe and Tyler too(First to post July, August, and September - Insufferablebratt)
October Block - Wyoming Valley (First block made and posted by Stcycly66)
November Block - Starshine (First block made and posted by Schnookie)
December Block - Chisholm Trail (Last block)
December Bonus Block - Eddystone Light (First to post October, November, and December - Anita M.)
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Quilt Along 2008 Rules & Winners
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