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 Tattered Garden BOM 2009 - Official sign up & info

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PostSubject: Tattered Garden BOM 2009 - Official sign up & info   Fri Dec 12, 2008 2:06 pm

This is being organised by Golo, below I have copied and pasted her message

We have settled on TATTERED GARDEN..........
We will do it with our scraps-- cream background -- finished 12" block--prewash fabric. All sq. should be signed along the edge of one of the flowers. Include a prepaid return envelope with your squares in a plastic bag.... I will pm you my address.
Total number of participates is 13 .... You all can start sewing and you all will have till the last week of April to send them back to me... I will distribute them in May....please don't procrastinate... take into consideration your mailing time...
Pattern can be found at then click on Bull Eye ...

Interested Gals
Willow rec'dBreeziepine rec'd
Ashlawnfarms reci'd
PrincessK rec'd
Anne rec'd
QueenBee rec'd Cottonpicker rec'd
Golo rec'd
Mamu rec'd
Quiltbrain rec'd
Linda2B rec'd
Memaw4 rec'd
StillstichninAlva red'd

I would cut your cream fabric at least 13 1/2" square... fold it and find your center.. do that with your flower fabric also and you will have the center on all squares... don't square off your pattern... the person that recieves the squares will square off their own... to 12 1/2" so that the finished sq after being sewn is 12"... don't forget to double sew 1/4" in from the edge around all your flowers. You can sew twice or use a double needle ... Gals from outside of the U.S. send a couple of FQ's to take care of postage... Hope this works for all of you...
Sew the leaves on using the smaller leaf pattern.... HAVE FUN!!!

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Tattered Garden BOM 2009 - Official sign up & info
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