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 Desktop or Laptop

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quiltmom9 AQM9


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PostSubject: Desktop or Laptop   Sat Mar 28, 2009 9:14 am

Ok.....I need some advice.......I will need to get a new computer in the next few months.......desktop bit the dust some time ago......

What do you suggest?



I use a desktop at work all day long......DS (both of them have laptop tops)....actually one of the laptops is mine....but that is a long story.....
I like the availability of taking the laptop to other places around the house, or outside in the summer etc.....

Just don't know what to get...

DS says I should get a desktop.....but I don't know...I kind of like the laptop....

I need some pros and cons!!!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Desktop or Laptop   Sat Mar 28, 2009 12:57 pm

I've never had a laptop but I want one, if you have a newer tv you can plug your computer into it and use the tv to view websites....I think that would just rock!!! That way you and your partner could veiw things together while both comfy...not like now with one sitting at the desk and the other looking over a shoulder.
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PostSubject: Re: Desktop or Laptop   Sat Mar 28, 2009 5:56 pm

When my pc bit the dust, I had to use DH old lap top....which I am still using. I found out that I could plug it into the keyboard, monitor and printer that my desktop used. So, I am content in doing that. I then can 'unhook' it and take it with me when I need to use it on trips and so forth. If I had to use the keyboard on the laptop only....I wouldn't be happy Undesided also, I like using a mouse and not the 'scratch pad' .....then the monitor I am using now is much larger and easier to I like that...don't like the small one on the laptop. I guess the only thing the laptop has going for it is that it is portable. If you don't think you will use it in various areas of your house, outside or on trips....then get a desktop :lol:
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PostSubject: Re: Desktop or Laptop   Sun Mar 29, 2009 8:33 am

I've had both and prefer my desktop.

I think the main advantage of a laptop is that it's portable. Try to figure out if you will actually use this feature. I didn't use it too much, so it's really not worth it to me. However, if you want to get online with a laptop, I think you have to get something else so you have Wifi access. If you want to move it around the house and still get internet, you need to have a wireless network set up.

Desktops, as a general rule, are less expensive. My old laptop had screen issues for a while and when I finally took it into Best Buy to get it fixed, they gave me a new computer for free (I had the extended warranty -- cheaper to give me the new comp than to fix it.) fI'm not sure what the problem was exactly with it, but after having that issue, I was a little leary of getting another laptop.

Of course, since BB gave me a free computer, or at least covered the cost up to what I had paid for the laptop, which was like 1700, I picked the best, most expensive, most features computer I could get with that. It has wayyyyyyyyy more space than a laptop (I think I asked my brother about adding it once, he said you'd have to take the dang thing apart to do that). It's actually easier, I think, to get accessories for this.

My desktop is now 4-5 years old. When this sucker finally dies, I'm getting another desktop. Even when I had the laptop, I really only brought it on a trip once, and the internet didn't work, so Mom and I could only watch a movie on there. Aside from that, the only traveling it did was between the dorm and my parents' on the weekend.
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PostSubject: Re: Desktop or Laptop   Mon Apr 06, 2009 2:32 am

Obviously, a desktop is the right ghoice for you.
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Gimpy Cat

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PostSubject: Re: Desktop or Laptop   Mon Apr 06, 2009 5:49 pm

I like the desktop but I have happily set up with a lap top in my sewing room. I was able to get rid of hte old stereo and now use the lap top to stream radio stations and play my cd's. I added a cordless keyboard & mouse so I dont have to get frustrated with the smaller lap top keyboard. When not in use I simply put the keyboard and mouse away under the counter. I got a nice set of speakers for my bday too and so I can finally listen to my music with decent quality and the radio streaming is great as there is no more static and aerial wires like the old cd player stereo had. I hooked a printer to the lap top and that is the only thing that stays out on the counter now. I can take the lap top elsewhere, I dont have wireless I have a spare cable I keep wound beside the fridge in the kitchen and we just roll it out to reach the couch when using the internet on the couch. For working on documents or photo processing I can take the lap top anywhere as it doenst need power or internet hook up for that. Best thing is I can just pack it all up and have my counter clear for big sewing projects with no fuss. Oh and the last thing, with the lap top there is no big lump of harddrive tower sitting on the floor under the desk, thats a bonus to me when space is hard come by

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PostSubject: Re: Desktop or Laptop   

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Desktop or Laptop
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