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How to store your quilt..... Banner-May-Kids-Events


 How to store your quilt.....

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PostSubject: How to store your quilt.....   How to store your quilt..... EmptyTue Feb 08, 2011 11:50 am

How to Store Your Quilt Properly

Before your quilt is put away in storage, it should be documented, photographed, appraised, and, above all, insured.

Your quilt is precious to you, and obviously, when you are not using it, you want to store it properly. If you think that just putting the quilt in a small plastic bag and dumping it in the attic is the ultimate solution for preserving it, think again. Here are some pointers to take into consideration on preserving your quilt:

The first and foremost thing is to check to see whether your quilt is clean. On the surface, the dust should be removed by screening (place a fine mesh screen on it and vacuum, using a handheld attachment).

Never send your quilt to the dry cleaner, because the process of dry cleaning could damage your quilt to a point beyond repair.

Do not place your quilt in a plastic bag or plastic wrapping because quilts require air. This will also lessen the chance of mildew developing.

Quilts are supposed to be kept in a cool, dry place. Moisture is a quilt's enemy. If you must store in a place susceptible to moisture, be sure to keep a bowl or tub of Desiccant nearby. Desiccants are a crystal-shaped structure which can absorb moisture in small places. They are available in any hardware store or at your nearest drug store.

Unlike other fabrics that are stored, quilts should not be folded and should be kept as flat as possible.

If you are going to fold your quilt, fold it with something that offers support. Wherever there is a fold, place some acid-free tissue paper in between; this prevents any creases from forming due to folding.

Another thing you will have to do is refold your quilt in a different way, once every six months.

Another way of storing your quilt is by wrapping it around a tubular structure. The quilt should not be wrapped directly on the tube without first being covered with muslin cloth or acid-free paper, followed by wrapping it again in muslin cloth or acid-free paper.

Preferably, store quilts in dark areas.

Prevention from Wood

Sometimes, when the quilt is stored up against wood, the varnish or the oils that are coated on the wood can stick to the quilt.

If you want to store your quilts in boxes, I suggest that you store them in ones that are acid-free. They are available at dry cleaning shops.

Prevention from Insects

Wherever fabric is, you will find bugs. To avoid this nuisance, try placing a bag of Artemisia near the quilts. Artemisia can be purchased from food stores and is also available at nurseries.

Label the Bags

It is always a good idea to label the bags so that you have an idea of which bag is where and what quilt is stored inside that bag. In the event of your passing away, just write down in your will who they will go to and where they can find them. Another good reason to label the bags is so that no one will throw them away by mistake. If possible, you could also mention on the label where the documentation is.

Last, but not Least

Check your quilts once in a while to see if there are any bed bugs.
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PostSubject: Re: How to store your quilt.....   How to store your quilt..... EmptyTue Feb 08, 2011 12:31 pm

Thanks Golo, great info!
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How to store your quilt.....
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