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 Wool Felting

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PostSubject: Wool Felting   Wool Felting EmptySat Sep 06, 2008 9:12 am

Felting Wool Tutorial
« on: August 20, 2008, 06:53:17 PM » Quote Modify Remove

I thought I'd post this topic for anybody wanting to try this technique. Summer is a great time to find good wool clothing at garage sales and rummage sales to recycle. You want 100% wool. Synthetics won't felt properly. If you find a nice piece of wool at a good price and aren't sure of the content you can try felting. Some of the synthetics are so good you just can't tell them apart from the real thing! If it doesn't can use it as a background for appliques. We'll be doing a skirt here, but don't over look pants. Blazers usually have a fusible interfacing in the front and won't felt because of it. You can get some wool from the back and some from the sleeves though, so if the price/color are right..grab it. First..cut off the buttons and add them to your button box. Cut off the waistband and remove the hem. Then you can usually tear the seams apart. Cut off any pockets.

Now you're ready to do the felting. Place the wool items in the washing machine with like colors.(lights together, darks, etc). Wash in HOT water and rinse in COLD. Add about 1/4c or so of a perfume free detergent. and let the wool go through the whole cycle. it through a second time WITHOUT the detergent. Dry on high heat.
Voila! Felted wool.
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Wool Felting
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